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Here at Western Carpet Cleaning, we specialize in carpets but we don’t stop there. We offer over ten different cleaning services available residentially and commercially.

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Carpet Cleaning

We use a truck mount system that produces steam and high suction, leaving no residue, minimum dampness/fast dry times. unlike other cleaning companies that use bonnet cleaners that push dirt around and bury dirt deeper. Our steam cleaning system removes 99% of dirt and bacteria.

Area Rug

We keep your area rugs alive by using the appropriate tools/Chemicals to clean and preserve them so you can enjoy them for a lifetime

Tile / Grout

Using high-pressure tools, we eliminate dirt and grime from your tiles. We also apply a seal to protect your floor from further erosion


Revitalize your upholstery by removing stains and reducing allergens, odors and germs. Our cleaning experts will determine the best cleaning method for your furniture pieces.


Using high quality water-based polyurethane, we prolong the life of your hardwood floors so you can avoid sanding and re-finishing and enjoy your floors as long as possible.


No one wants to replace their floors, get a free quote booked on your calendar today

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